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Lifelike Breathing Cat - Artificial Realistic Breathing Pet Cats.

What the Lifelike Breathing Cat is all about...

Do you lead a busy life? Live in a "no pets" apartment? Have you killed so many plants, you can't be left in charge of another living thing? Perhaps you just want companionship without the commitment?

Lifelike Breathing Cat will just curl up on their fleecy bed and provide the peaceful reassuring presence of a living, breathing animal. OK, well, breathing, anyway.

Lifelike Breathing Cats look like real cats, feel like real cats and sleep like real cats.

The only difference is – there's no vet bills, no hair balls, no fur all over the furniture, no feeding, no dead birds and lizards in the lounge room, no tripping over as they wrap around your legs, no kitty litter, no fleas and no claws sinking into your ankles as they stalk you from behind the couch.

The only thing you have to feed them is a couple of AA batteries and that's not very often either - their realistic breathing action lasts for weeks on a single feed!

Who says you can't have pets at work? Just pop them into their fold-up carry packaging and take 'em along. Can't you just imagine Ginger curled up on your desk as you work on the computer?

Whether they're napping at your feet while you watch tele, or snoozing at the foot of the bed as you drift off to sleep, with a Lifelike Breathing Cat you'll never be alone again!

Please note: This product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts and is entirely synthetic in nature.

Chongqing Lifelike Breathing Cat